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We are In Movement!

A holistic training center created by people passionate about sports and physical wellness.

We created IM because we are convinced that when you find the right balance between your body and your mind, you live better. We want to help you to find this balance by tailoring workouts to your goals.

Our professionals will guide you to achieve your objectives with dynamic and fun training sessions.



All the focus is on YOU!

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Session: 60€*

2 People Max


The price can be split by 2

Semi Private

Come with your friends or get fit along with a small group.

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Group Session: 60€*

4 People Max


The price can be split by 3 or 4

Group Class

Enjoy a nice atmosphere with music and high energies.

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Session: 12€ per person*

5 People Minimum




HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

With HIIT training you can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. Your metabolism remains high hours after training and this can help you lose fat. During such a workout, you alternate brief periods of intense activity with brief moments of rest.


Strength training makes you stronger and builds muscle. You also lose fat faster because muscle burns more calories at rest than fat tissue.

Strength training ensures a healthier and more energetic feeling and above all: increases your self-confidence!

Core Training

Core training is the foundation of all sports. A strong core ensures that the rest of the body is properly controlled and can improve physical performance, both in sport and in everyday life. A strong core is important for several reasons, preventing injuries (injury prevention), improving athletic performance AND better posture!

Specific Sports Training

SST is a highly specialised form of training. We run specific high performance workouts for individual or team sports with the objective of improving your performance in different activities/sports you do !

Our Team

  • Tomas Santiago


    I’m a professional hockey player playing for Gantoise and the Argentine national team since 2011. I´m pasionate about all kinds of sports.

  • Charlotte Lauwers


    I have a Marketing degree and experience working as an administrator in a training center. I play hockey and Im very enthusiastic about sport and do all kinds of workouts.

  • Gonzalo Lasteche

    Physical Trainer

    I have a Physical Education degree and specialise in functional training. I love to help people to reach their physical goals.

  • Juan Zuin

    Physical Trainer

    I am passionate about physical conditioning. I’ve been working as a training coach for many years and I’m sure together we can find a healthy balance in your life.